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“That’s why it’s fun” He pats my ass and pulls me into line for the ride

“Hey,him a twenty dollar bill

“Sure thing, man,” the tall worker replies with a wink

I can see the knowledge in his dark eyes I glance away My face is hot, but so isme shameless He opens the bucket, and Shadow helps me step inside the shiny red cart I sink down and he throws his ar me close

He brushes his lips over the shell of my ear “Let’s see how many times your man can make you come”

His beard tickles asp The ride moves to allow the next cart full of people to board He slips his hand under er down the seairl, already wet foryou to the dark side?”

“I think you ht be” My voice warbles

He eases my panties aside and touches my clit

I go up in flae of the seat as he circles my walls

“So wet for ers

“Oh…” I bite my bottom lip

“You have to remember to be quiet” He kisses the area just below my ear

I closeand his clever fingers le not to rock the bucket as the pressure builds Panting, I tip my head back Whimpers spill from my lips

“You’re so beautiful when you try to contain yourself,” he whispers

“A-almost there,” I say