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Shadow chuckles “Yeah, not long at all”

His deep voice sends shivers down my spine Embarrassed, I turn my attention back to Bolton “What should we do first?”

“Rides then eats I learned that the hard way”

I grimace “Yeah, I remember it vividly”

He laughs “Yeah, you would, you were riding the Tilt-O-Whirl with me at the time”

“Yeech” I stick ue out and shudder

“Love you, Ma” He kisses my cheek

I’ that bond is returnedin the sky just for me

“So rides it is,” Shadow says, walking over and standing to my left

We track down the ticket stand, and I enjoy the brightly lit booths full of games and prizes The sweet smell of funnel cake mixes with the aro about the snacks I’ full of blue happiness catches my eyes and I pause “Cotton candy,” I cry

Shadow shakes his head, but the smirk on his lips tells ht if you eat some of that first,” he assures me

I grin He spoils nore the stares of the people around us and grab the bag

“That’s three dollars,” the curly haired blond boy with the shaky voice says

“Damn, inflation is serious, huh?” Shadow asks He fishes his wallet out of his back pocket and tosses hie”

I open the bag and pluck off a puffy luue and I’m reminded of my youth The fun times with Calla before she became a bitch and my parents started to treat us differently I smirk when Shadow takes a pinch and pops it into his mouth