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She cries out, shoving her ass toward me

I gently rub her red ass to soothe the sting It’s ripe like an apple, and I have to take a bite I fall toher clit withher without providing relief

“Shadow Please, baby Please?” She’s screaainst my face

It’s everything I’ve ever dreato?”

“You, Shadow I belong to you” She glances over her shoulder “Please, baby, now”

I unbuckle rip rip her hips, showing her once ainst ht and wet She’sthe days until freedo I wantedancient rises inside of rip her hair, pull her up, and latch onto her neck

She cries and spasms Her muscles lock around me as she explodes

I follow her into oblivion My ink is on her skin, my bracelets on her wrist, and my DNA is inside of her I’ to go all the way I won’t rest until I have everything But in return, I’ive the same dedication I never knew I could love like this It’s more than the love I have for my club…different fro

Chapter Thirteen

Blink of An eye


“Are you ready?” I ask, bounding down the steps where Shadow and Bolton are waiting for me

“I think your mama is more excited than the both of us,” Shadow says

I gasp My heart races We’ve been all but married for three months and while we’ve felt like a family unit, this is the first ti directed at me I hold my breath

Bolton grins “Yeah, Dad, I think she is But that’s all right” He stands up, jogs over, and wraps his arether, even if you’re too old to enjoy the carnival anymore”