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I laugh “I love you You can try to avoid him if you want, but I think he’ll make it hard”

“I’m here for you, not him,” she says

I reach out and grab her hand “It’s okay if you want to have some fun, too”

“This is all the fun I need”

We lay back to enjoy the silence, and support I think that’s the beauty of a good friend You don’t have to say anything because they hear your heart


“You ready for this, brother?” Skull asks from our position posted by the bar

The church athered in the large bar at the new co for the old ladies on the ad chasers brought in for fun

“Hell yeah,as I can remember This shit kept me sane in jail,” I say

“Da you like this makes me think this is possible” Skull looks stunned

“What? Having an Old Lady?”

“Having so partner”

“You getting serious with, Ruthie?”

“I don’t know, ive her what she’s looking for The settle down and do kids things” Skull shrugs

“Better figure it out soon, before you both get in too deep Enough people see her with you and she’ll get branded as yours regardless”