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His green eyes are locked onto Dixie Rose like a hos are still there between them

This is going toweekend “Hey, babe,” I say to Shadow

“How you doing, girl? Came to check on you” He winks

“Doing well Echo, prospect”

“Hey, Bluebell, Dixie Rose” Her name is a whisper on his voice

It sounds so painfully intimate, I feel like I’m an intruder

“Echo,” she says flatly “Shadow, thanks for the hospitality”

“Thank you for coirl”

“Anytime Blue’s easy to love,” she replies

“Yeah, she is,” Shadow says staring me down

My body goes up in fla to do with the sun

“We were doing soood,” Echo says

“Well, we’re fine,” Dixie retorts

Shado blinks and arches a brow slightly

I shrug, feigning ignorance