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“Took a beating and kept hisfor you at the old warehouse”

“I’ll get the information” I stand, rap the table with my knuckles, and walk to my old dorm room to retrieve my kit

To anyone else, I was just a eon with the si I can feel the bloodlust rising up inside of ainst me and there’s no love lost I see the faces of the brothers I’ve lost in these assholes The ones in the ground and behind bars People call us savages, but we live a simple life We follow a set of rules, punish those who break theiven To us, the rest of the world has gone s of Chaos, because we kno to control it

It’s dark when I pull up to the run down building we use to do our dirt I see the door open and nodout, I walk up to the door As soon as I enter, I find a mess of a man, tied to a chair It’s hard to tell what he looks like underneath the blood and bruises But I would guess , I would put hi, so I know a few things about him He’s loyal, or more afraid of the person who sent hi th than pain tolerance to keep your trap shut when so the same question over and over

“Noe’ll see if you’ll stay quiet This ht look like a walk in the park,” one of the brothers says loudly

I nod at the brothers posted against the wall Their swollen knuckles and the beads of sweat on their brow tell me they’ve all taken a turn “What do we have on him?” I ask

“His real nao’s finest up until a year ago, after his sister, Shannon, died Funny thing about Shannon, she used to hang around the club Got ot herself deceased I’ our boy here blames us for it”

“That true, Joshua?” I ask, walking over to examine him “You blame us for little sister’s bad decisions”

“She was a good girl until you,” Josh growls

“So, he can talk when he wants? I nevertellsher out to be”

“Fuck you” He pulls at the rope binding hi the chair

“Good, you still got soet the place raided?”

Joshua s played You’re just too stupid to realize it”

The s

“You ruin families It’s time you knohat that feels like”