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“Yes, I do You want to talk now?”

“That night, at her party She tricked hi with ot it in her head that Mo mission to completely fuck me over as much as possible”

“Oh my God I am so sorry”

“Me too He named Bolton after me, Dixie It runs that deep”

“Good, you deserve nothing less Where are you at?”

“Further than I’d like to ad for me”

“Well, with family like yours, who needs enemies?” Dixie says

Girl, you don’t know the half of it “Shadow scared the shit out of lorious”

“What? I need a play-by-play, like yesterday”

I laugh and relay the situation, feeling a thousand tihter The road to happiness had started out bumpy, but it would be worth in the end I hoped


“You took your sweet ass ti

“Had to set soirl”

“You want to tellon with that? Because I don’t want my club ripped apart over some bullshit”

“Hey, Psycho’s square, and I can’t see how it’s anyone else’s business She’s going to get ether, it’ll be clear to everyone So this can be squashed If so it toand walk away after No harm no foul”