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Hoots and hollers break out around the bar This ti

I reach my bike and set her onto her feet

Her cheeks are tinted slightly pink and her eyes are dancing

“You like it when I manhandle you, don’t you?”

“I like it that you can,” she says with a grin “It’s not like I’m short”

“I like you exactly how are you” I grip her ass “I suggest you get on the bike before I decide to take you up against the wall” The ie of her with her pants around her ankles, her back arched, and her face expressing surrender has

She climbs onto the back of the bike

I watch her ass flex in her jeans, feeling like a predator stalking his prey “I got soer?”

“I ht be a teacher, but I’m not that old” She winks

I can feel heronto the back, I start uplot I take her to a secluded area of beachfront the club owns I park and help her down

“I always forget we have this”

“Yeah, most people do That’s why I like to come here for quiet” I wrap my arm around her waist and lead her closer to the ocean I’d never been one for sharing s are different with Blue Maybe because I want to keep her I sink down

She sits onme

“Want to tellon?”

“Talked to my Dad and found out the reason Calla had a one sixty in her teens was because she found out soe”