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“You’re quiet today Everything good?”

I glance over at

“Don’t giveuntil you tell me”

I snicker Nicknamed for his hardheaded behavior, theof the word quit

“Just working on Blue”

Skull whistles “So, you really went after that full force, then?”

“Since the first day back”

“You got a thing for the family?”

“Fuck you, Skull You kno it is with her,” I say

He laughs “Yeah, brother, I do, just never got it I mean, she’s a sweetheart, but there’s no…fire in her She’s so buttoned up and stuffy If it weren’t for her old man, she wouldn’t be here with us You knohat I mean?”

“You’d be surprised Bolton got into it with some preppy kid at school, and she was a beast in the principal’s office Hell, I don’t think she needed me to take care of business”

“Bluebell Strong?” Skull asks

“Yeah,to find the words Shit was aht not be the type to use her fists, but she can run circles around the best of theal e need more of around here,” I say

“Man, you got a serious hard-on for this girl” Skull grins, a toothpick dangling out of his mouth

I roll my eyes “Really, brother?”