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My phone rings and I roll my eyes “Hello?”

“Ms Strong?”

“Yes, this is she”

“I’h School, and I’m here with Bolton Barnett”

My stomach plummets “Is he okay?” I ask

“Well, ma’am, it depends on what you mean by okay He’s been in an altercation with another student It really would be easier to talk in person You’re currently listed as his priuardian, so we contacted you”

“Yes, of course Let me speak with my employers, and I’ll be there as fast as I can be”

“Okay, ma’am, see you when you arrive”

“Everything okay?” Jamie asks

“No, that was the high school Apparently, Bolton got into a fight That’s not like hiet there i the way the adults around here loved to stick it to the kids of the MC because they knew better than to touch the parents

“Hey, I can drive you I’m done ork for the day,” Jamie offers

“Thank you Let erme to take as much time as I needed “Okay, I’m cleared froo”

We toss downlot

I shift into do battle In a town like ours, there’s no such thing as a secret or objectiveness People see what they want, no matter what you say or do I know for a fact we provide the children’s hospital with numerous donations and do runs to raise awareness for a bevy of causes We help those who need help when the cop’s hands are tied I grew up seeing thesteel horses I wish others could see it the same way

We pull up in front of Mission and park in a visitor’s space I get out andJamie to take care of the car My flats pound the pave even and my face impassive I won’t prove to them we’re all uncouth and rowdy That’s what they expect and want