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“Yeah, she did Told that bitch straight up I was interested in you But all that’s the past I’m interested in the future… Ours”

“I’m not sure what that is”

“I am,” I say, undeterred by her hesitation

“You’re so sure,” she whispers with a wondering tone

“What’s not to be sure about? I talked to Bolton; he’s fine with it He’s the only one I care about”

“What about the club, my father?”

“He was cool with it, too”

“You asked him?” she all but squeals

“Yeah I know the order of things” I shrug

She shoves my chest and storms off

“It’s going to happen, Blue And for the record, you’re sexy as hell when you’re pissed!” I call out to her

She flips me off over her shoulder

I chuckle It’s good to see the fire in her It means she’s think

ing about so in prison Soliness everywhere they go I’m happy she’s finally contained

Chapter Seven