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I deserve more I

myself to believe them

I turn away and dress in a pair of black shorts, and a black tank top They’re particular about everything you wear and bring inside The less color and wording on your outfit, the better I slidearound my face as it air dries, and hurry out to the car Whatever I decide to do with Shadoill be because of how I feel It’s time to end this toxic connection I’ve fed into for too many years

The weather is sticky hot, and I drive with all the n, hoping the air will helparoundinto crack my bones My palms are slick with sweat Every couple of et rid of the moisture Sweat beads dot my forehead I need the stimulation to remindfree My entire life I’ve been trussed up like a Thanksgiving turkey, the child for show The Good One, who never dared step off the path because she didn’t want to add more stress to an already troubled family dynamic Bitterness rose

It wasn’t fair

I lost soto be perfect It was a role I didn’t kno to stop playing I push down on the accelerator and open up the engine It purrs in response, and I s lot ready for a battle This as overwas not an option I h the process required to meet up with Calla I pray she will see me She can be a snotty bitch like that when she wants to be, but I know she hasn’t had

Theas I sink on my side in the chair withWith the e left thingstoday Theled in

She looks sht Dark circles rest under her eyes

Worry rose insidenone, I assuone

Frowning, she sits across fro with my boy?”

The concern in her voice and eyes remind me that a heart still exists beneath the layers of indifference and selfishness “He’s okay Better than fine actually Shadow got out yesterday, and they’re off doing the

She s else, he’s an excellent father”

“You give him too little credit”

“Well, he didn’t stay with me, did he?” she snaps

“That’s what I’m here to talk about You knew I liked him, didn’t you?”