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“That bad?”

“No, that’s good Like very, very good”

I s feelers out there”

“Dad, you guys have pretty much been my parents Let’s be real”

I set aith saying that”

Bolton rolls his eyes “She always says Mom did the best she could by me I think it’s bullshit”

“Those two got oceans full of baggage between theives her a serious blind spot”

“You think you can do so about that?” he asks

“Why you worried about it, kid?”

“I don’t want to see her She’s gotten enough of e, and Aunt Blue, she doesn’t get that”

I nod “Well, son, you’re old enough to knohat you want to do and don’t I’ to push the issue I’ll talk it over with her”

“Good, ’cause I hate feeling like I’ her down, you know?” Bolt asks

“Yeah, your aunt has a way about her”

“You, um, you really like her?” he asks

I narrow my eyes “Spit it out, kid Say what you want to”