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“I’ht now” Ruthie’s face is set in a stern, stubborn expression

It’s a look I knoell “This is nothing new, Ruthie I live this daily It just…spilled over because of what happened with Shadow I’m fine”

“You’re not fine That’s why this melt down occurred No one is a fortress, Bluebell Everyone needs help sometime It’s okay to ask for it”

I coive a shaky smile “You don’t know , Ruthie I pro stupid, if that’s what you’re worried about”

She frowns “I don’t like it You should talk about this to Shadow”

“No This isn’t some fairytale that will end with a happily-ever-after,” I say with a sneer

“It could be”

I roll ht with you, Ruthie”

“Yeah, because I don’t understand how things work I get it But I also know that this isn’t going to go away, and with Shadow back you’re going to face your de, I’ht in theon Saturday for?”

I lean in and hug her oncebest friend”


I feel like a fawn on new legs as I leave the car andout of control like this It’s terrifying and strangely exhilarating

Theleave me? I ease from the bed and find the bathrooet used to our new roles I’ her every uts to her, she sleeps with ht stand? I clench my jaw

This shit ain’t going to fly

I turn on the shower and step under the spray trying to get my emotions under control She wanted it I saw it in her eyes and felt it in the effortless e caether I’ve slept with more women than I could count, but none madebitch Even now, she’s cock blocking me from her prison cell