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“You taste so good, Shadow I could drink you down for days” She presses her thighs together tightly

I can see the lust in her dark eyes My dick is already recovering, and I’e her back onto the bed and pull her to the edge “You safe, babe?”

“Yes” She nods her head “Are you?”

“Clean as a whistle” I slipher swollen clit with the head over and over

“Oh, Shadow”

“You like that?”


I s into her entrance and pulling back “You ready for me?”

“God, yes,” she whimpers

I push in, and we both cry out I force ht, hot, and so very wet I gritinto irl” I push her hands over her head and link our fingers She flexes her et lost in a haze of need and passion The slap of our bodies, the , and the feel of her soft, war , filling her full of uttural war cry

This shit is o

I collapse on top of her breathing heavily When I get a second wind, I pull out and roll to her side

>She’s beautiful and blissed out with her heavy-lidded eyes, mussed hair, and swollen lips

“More beautiful than I ever iined” I reach out and trailat the events that just happened I need to make sure she knows she’s more than the first fuck I’ve had for three years I kiss her forehead and sit up “Stay there, baby, I’ to take care of you” I slip out of my cut, lay it on the bed, yankup my pants I move to the bathroo The scent of leht of her tending to rab a washcloth, run it under ater, and return to Blue Sinking onto the bed, I wipe her down, leaving the s

“This wasn’t a one-ti”