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“Yeah, Dad, we fixed up the room next to Aunt Blue’s really nice,” Bolton replies

“We got a lot of your things out of storage from your old place I hope that’s okay?” Blue asks

“It’s perfect Anything you did will beat my last room,” I ansith a wink

Bolton laughs, and Blue gives me a tiny smile

“Well, I don’t want to keep you I’et out of your hair whenever,” Blue says

“The two people I want to party with are right here” I catch her gaze

She gasps slightly, and I squeeze her waist

“W-we could s-stay a little bit longer,” she stammers

“Good Now catch me up to speed on you, Bolt”

I listen as he rattles on about his classes and about what he thinks he wants to do out of school I’e like water The visits were never enough to make me feel fully involved with his life I missed some important years, but I would make it up to him Because he was ht, I could do things the way I wanted It’s all about dae control at this point I don’t want hiry brothers who take too many risks and turn cold

I glance over at Freeze The brother had ice in his veins It was good for taking care of business e needed it, but it made many people uneasy Probably why he’s a no after the family position as an enforcer, but I want to prepare him for life inside KOC It requires a certain perspective to flourish “You still got the dirt bike I left you?”

“Yes, sir”

“To to take a ride”

His face lights up, and my heart squeezes You don’t understand the true depths of love until you become a parent It’d make the hardest motherfucker soften

“That’d be awesome, Dad”