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We slip into a comfortable silence, and I enjoy the feel of the tires on the pave thatof the wind on my face, the sun on s It was the closest thing to freedom I’ve ever found Life has always been simple to me; freedoed that I study the faes Businesses have opened, closed, and expanded It’s like waking from a dream

As we pull up to the clubhouse, I can’t help but scan the crowd gathered I spot the two people I care about ins to speed

Bolton is standing beside Blue, her arood four or five inches

I wish I’d been there to seeI see ular planes give him a lean, mean look Dressed in a pair of jeans and a white T-shirt he’s like a e I can see the anger glinting in his blue eyes It le his mother

Blue squeezes hiaze softens as he peers down at her

This is how it should’ve been from the start The three of us I’hts on soht now, Bluebell is azes withFor a ht, and I can see the thirteen-year-old boy I left in this sixteen-year-old young man

We separate and he smiles up at me “Good to have you back, Dad”

“Good to be back You take good care of your aunt Blue?”

“Yeah” His nervous expression rins

All my boy ever wanted was to feel needed and wanted, especially when it comes to women His mother mind fucked him with her selfish behavior I’ve done my best to curb and fulfill that desire in him, but a man can’t take the place of a mother any more than a mother can take the place of a father It’s another reason now is the perfect ti I’d been drea this shit up for a year

Bolton steps aside, and I smirk “Hey, Blue”

“Welcome home, Shadow” She opens her arms

I pull her body to round, and she squeals Whoops and hollers went up from all around us

Daood to be home I set her down on her feet and reluctantly le I want to wrap an arm around her waist and keep her bychasers are eyeballing me like I’m a freeHowever, I’ with theame

“All right, church in tenthat belongs to you, brother”