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Wizard— for ainst a black SUV He pushes away fro He clamps me on my back “Good to have you out, brother You’ve been missed

“Good to be out” We pull froer to be as far away fro hell as possible I climb up, close the door behindto fill me in?” I ask

“Just the basics Most of that important shit will happen in Church Bolton wanted to co at the clubhouse for you”

I can feel his eyes on me, but I remain silent

“You going to finally make your move on that?”

I spin my head to look at him “Say what?”

“Cooing to be under the same roof, and Cal is locked up and can’t cock block you”

My throat goes dry “Does anyone else know?” I ask

“Nah I knehat to look for Don’t knohy you decided to go for Calla that night though I wanted to deck you every tiht this time, or not at all” His voice is devoid of warmth, and his words are flat

“It wasn’t a choice, Wiz She slipped into ht, pretended to be Blue, and told est mistake of my life I should’ve called her on it when I had the chance, but then she was pregnant and I didn’t want that hanging over my kid”

His eyes narrow and he nods his head as if he suspected so bitch”

“You don’t know the half of it, brother There’s a hole inside of her she keeps trying to fill up I spent two years trying to help her and make it work She’s too lost in her crazy I think she feeds off drama ’cause she needs that shit like water”

“I don’t knohere they rong with that one,” Wizard mutters

I shrug “Beats me, man But I’hteen in two more years”