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“I get it The party was…eye opening After all of this dies down, ain”

I smile up at him “I’d like that”

We leave the apartment behind, and I lock the door behind me for the last tiood-bye to Ja my life I should be terrified and at least a little sad Instead, I’ before didn’t work It’s tiure out what does

“How are you?” Ruth asks

I take a sip fro back and forth a few ood”

“Thanks for the bullshit answer, no about the real one?”

I laugh Ruthie Price has been e The firecracker has never hesitated to speak her mind It’s what I love and hate about her She’ll lay your shit bare if she thinks it’s in your best interest When I need tough love, she’s the first one I turn to “I’e boy full of angst, anger, and the need to feel unconditionally loved is heavy”

“I can only iine, bu

t he loves you, and everyone kno crazy you are about him It’ll settle”

“I hope so I’s worse for him”

“Not possible, babe You’re here every day, all day That’s more than I think Bolt has ever had”

“I know you’re right, but it’s different when you’re in it,” I say, trying to neutralize the fear threatening to creep up and ruin our girls’ night in

“Always is, babe That’s why I’h outside to be objective, but close enough to get what’s going on How are things with the family?”

“Crazy, overwhele everything The boys are always over to check on us or doing drive-bys My father seems to think I need to be over there every other day, and my mother,” I picture the withdrao this well at all I don’t want to say Calla is her favorite, but they connect on a different level One I know she misses”

“Can’t Calla have visitors?” Ruth asks