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Got you!

Chapter Five



This is it I preview my empty apartment and try not to let the water spill froainst the storms life threw at me I learned a lot about myself behind the safety of these walls There was no protocol or reputation to worry about Noas going back into the belly of the beast I’d spent a year weaninge as in h my veins

“That’s it, Blue” Jamie sounds like a child who’d had his candy taken away I suppose in a way he had

“Thanks for helping me move You really didn’t have to,” I say

“Yeah, I did I want you to know you’re not alone I get that you’re all about fa”

“I know the party freaked you out But they’re my family, Jam I don’t see them the same way you do, and they’d never hurt me”

“I’ht up in the crossfire”

I rollwith a bone about the club recently I i oing to irl I knoant to stay friends, but I think so, yeah?”

“If that’s what you want” He runs the backs of his knuckle across my cheek “Remember, I’m always here”

“I know, Ja my hand on his shoulder “You were more than I deserved I wish I could have loved you the way you needed me to You’re my best friend, but what you need is more”

He presses his lips together and gives a curt nod “At least let me walk you out”

“Of course I’ to push you away I just…this isn’t healthy for either of us I’ to deal with all the new responsibilities laid at s for e ht”