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“He wants to shiht and playful for the baby’s sake

“If he’s willing to stand up for you against this lot, he ests

“There’s no spark there, Nevy I tried to wait for e I attempted to tell myself that he’s exactly what I need, but none of it works Continuing this would be stringing hiirl”

“I hear you But soive up easily,” Nevada says

“You can’t fight for someone when their heart’s not in it,” I whisper

“Make sure he knows”

“I did, Nevy, trust , it’s upfront He just doesn’t want to let go” I sigh Justdiscovers a stubborn streak at the worst possible tias’ forehead and wonder if I’ll ever have this with anyone I can’t blanals I need to be ready to stand alone I wasn’t raised to be a frightened wo the fence, trying to cover my ass to deal hat if situations Life doesn’t work that way

My clinginess eets s head on


I can feel her patience is wearing withto cutto show After a veiled threatening session with Wizard, the known enforcer, I’h the club, sipping on beer as I keep ful conversation

I n looking for a bathroom It’s important to have a story ready They consider uilt runs through er than herself I like her, but she’s a means to an end I’ve been undercover for over a year, and I’o home

But not e I’ve lost at their hands

The guilt disappears as I remember the broken shell of a woman Shannon

becaot a hold of her They’d showed her no mercy I had to finish this for her

I continue down the hall It’s too easy The bodies are wall-to-wall, the nore the couple fornicating against the wall and memorize the layout Suddenly, I hear whispered voices and slon, straining to hear over the rowdy environ into the dark alcove where the walls meet, I hunker down and do my best to blend in I’d worn black pants, and a black T-shirt for a reason I zone in on the words guns and drop off