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I shake my head in mock exasperation

“Who’s the friend?” Wizard asks, narrowing his eyes and giving Jamie the once over

“This is my friend, Jamie”

“Hmm” Wizard’s facial expression instantly ices over

Great, no one likes hi Wizard not to bust Jamie’s balls with my eyes

He quirks an eyebrow and shrugs It’s the way they do things, weeding out the people they think aren’t good enough for us daughters The s, but their women are royalty to them in their oay

“I’lad to see you here, Nevada,” I say

His wife steps forward and we e”

“I know I heard as baby is here,” I tease

Nevada laughs “Yes, she is I didn’t want to leave her, and Wiz wanted to get out Well, he des

“You know I’m always down to babysit the cutie”

“We’ll be taking you up on that soon, Blue,” Wizard says

I nod


e takes his family serious They only leave the baby in the company of people who’ve been affiliated with the club for years After ent down, I can’t blanitude they experienced would make a person look at everyone around them differently