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“I know that”

“Hht into us?”

I sigh “Jamie, you kno I feel about that”

“I do, what I want to knohy the change of heart? We’ve been together a year, Blue I ask you to marry me, and you bail? That’s not even like you”

I want to tell hiht, but I don’t have the heart “I don’t think our worlds will ever blend harmoniously”

“You never gave us a chance to You kept me as far away from them as you could I’ve briefly met your family a handful of times”

“And you’re lucky for that I wanted to spare you fro, cold stares, and tests”

“I never asked you to do that,” Jamie retorts

A headache begins to form in my temples I scrub the plate harder than necessary and take deep breaths It’s not fair forbut supportive, and helpful I don’t knohy I’et inside my head “You’re my best friend, Jamie You know that I just think s I don’t think I can give you”

“You were giving them to me just fine before”

“No, ere still figuring things out When you wanted to get serious, and this thing happened with my sister, it all became clear My loyalty can’t be to you first”

“The kid has one more year of school, and he’s done Plus, isn’t his father co out soon?”

“Did I say he was the sole reason? You need my loyalty to be to you first I’m not sure I can do that”

“Your faive you babies, Bluebell I know you want that I see it in your eyes when you’re with children”

The man I’ this dance are nuht fills me with peace It’s time to put this to bed Withon et in the way anymore