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His outburst h—it’s an old joke I peer over at Jamie The sneer of contempt that curves his lip up ? Maybe he does play a role for me My stomach knots If someone in KOC saw this, they’d bust hiotten myself into?

He catcheshim and quickly turns his frown to a smile

Does he find all ofto be forty and still doing that bit,” I say, ignoring Jamie

“It h every time,” Bolt counters

“It does,” I agree, happy to see his real smile Four more s I didn’t rate to I could nurture, guide, and teach his, but how to be a man wasn’t one of them He needs his father

“Hoas school today?” Jamie asks

We turn toward him

The smile fades from Bolt’s face “It was school”

“One etically

“Then what do you intend to do, Bolton?” Jamie asks

I cringe Only a select few can get aith using his full name

“It’s Bolt, and I don’t kn

ow Why are you so concerned about it?”

“Bolt,” I say, begging him to be nice with my eyes

“I was just trying to make conversation,” Jamie replies