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I can’t stop thinking about my visit with Blue I’ain It’s her MO She ure out why, other than because she can She came from a pretty solid hoirls with respect Not everyone can say that in this lifestyle

I roll onto ers behind my head Blue looked so da off circulation, and her shirt highlighted her breasts Da pair of tits and ass for days It’s what attracted me to her in the first place That’s my dirty ass secret I didn’t want Calla I alanted Blue, and I hadn’t given a shit how young she was at the tiirl had a head on her shoulders Half the time she was smarter than most people’s sweethearts and Old Ladies

Calla noticedher sister She was always an opportunistic bitch I don’t do lies, so when she asked ht up I was She feigned interest and offered her assistance That’s when the lies started, and I found myself in the quicksand I couldn’t escape

Seventeen Years Earlier …

I sit at the picnic table and sip on my Scotch on the rocks The club is infested with faraduation party It was a big deal to see the often troubled teen ith her cap and gown She hit a rough patch at sixteen, and gave her father, Psycho, a lot of hell With the sun down and the alcohol flowing, the kids were shuffled back home while the adults continued to party on

The woman of the hour would flit from person to person like the social butterfly she was Her tiny black skirt skihs with a swatch of skin showing in between her tube top and skirt Objectively, it was attractive, but she’s not the one I have my eyes on I look behind her to where her baby sister, Bluebell, stood chatting with friends

At seventeen, she was a bombshell in blue Her curvy frame hypnotizes me in the black dress that stops just above her knees She has an understated beauty I dig I’d been sowing hteen and earned my patch At twenty-one, I was ready to settle down and do the serious thing I wanted family outside of my brothers and that meant an Old Lady

The King chasers got old They were fun to dip my wick in when I needed to scratch an itch, but I could never be serious with someone all my brothers have experienced Blue has innocence to her All the brothers love and trust her Treated with respect, she often babysat and was a frequent presence at the clubhouse

Psycho believes in keeping his fa and who they were doing it with Most of us have tracked both girls at one point

or another It’s where an Last year when she hit sixteen, Blue started dating a guy Psycho hated and I followed her every rown up Intelligent, thoughtful, kind, and laid back, she’s everything ato be locked down, but the thought of her with someone else drives me insane

“I’d say you have a wandering eye, but it’s pretty obvious you’re focused on one person”

I look up and see Calla s, a drink in hand

“I don’t knohat you mean,” I reply

“Are you lying to me, or to yourself?” She arches a delicate eyebrow and pouts “I’ve always liked you, Shadow You’re good people If my baby sister ended up with anyone in KOC, I’d have it be you”