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Chapter One

My Sister’s Keeper


I slu a e It’s past ti the exclusive dating thing for over a year, and week by week I’ I said I wanted The total package most women pray for

Jamie Rolf Stevenson is dependable, mature, successful, and attractive Hell, he’s even taller than me At five foot eleven inches, that isn’t always the easiest requireht brown hair cut close to his head, an easy se, dark blue eyes, he’s a major catch

I understand this So why a back? Why do I feel completely suffocated?

When we get intis as I force ht words of encouragement My stomach rolls and I know I’er

Nome in the face Mr Perfect doesn’t do it foron his best qualities will change the fact that he doesn’t getaI can stand being intimate with him, but there’s no passion, at least not on an that beats withinirl dreams

I hate to prove that bitch right I sneer as I think of thejeers from my sister, Calla, when she first met Jamie

“There’s no way that prep gets you wet and , the same as me It takes one hell of a man to measure up to our daddy”

I told her off at the ti cro Treat it like a band aid and rip it off Properly psyched, I put on irl panties, exit the car, and h his immaculate yard I climb the three steps to the front porch and knock

The door opens to reveal Jarin is downright blinding in the fading sunlight

“Did I ?” I ask

“Today is a special day,” he says

I h my calendar It’s not an anniversary, his birthday, or a holiday I frown “You want to filla smile The hairs on the back ofet aard as hell

“You’ll see” He takes uides me inside

I blink, adjusting to the di A trail of rose petals leads away frout clenches I turn to hi a suit “Jami—”

“No, relax It’s my turn to take care of you”

“I don’t want you to take care ofsuspicion what he has planned, and I want no part of it

Jamie frowns “Why is it so hard for you to accept affection from me?”

“That’s not true You’re one of the best huggers I’ve ever met I tell you that all the time”