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Chapter One

Benji leaned towards Rachel and clasped her warm hands He worried what she would say when he told her his secret He wavered, trying to determine if he wanted to tell her the truth about hi up

He looked into her green eyes and with his free hand, brushed her hair from her face

“Swear again,” Benji said, his voice quivering “Promise me you won’t tell”

“I swear I swear,” Rachel replied, staring back at hie eyes

Benji took a deep breath and exhaled, closing his eyes for a moment He had never shared his secret with anybody before, especially not a hu how to tell her He looked around the covered bridge to make sure nobody else was around

He looked back at Rachel, still staring at hi more nervous with each moment of anticipation

“I’ve never told anybody this before,” Benji began “I hope you will still think of me the same way after I tell you”

He stopped speaking, closed hisweak He didn’t want to continue, but knew he had to at this point

“What is it? Just tell me already!” Rachel said

Benji inhaled “I’m a vampire”

Rachel stared back at him with a confused look on her face He felt her warm hand slide out of his, as she took a step backwards Silence filled the air as they both stood there, staring at each other

Benji didn’t knohat to do Should he tell her ? He couldn’t tell what she was thinking, but it wasn’t the response he was hoping for He was angry with hiry that he told her his secret He kneas a bad idea all along, but she gave him no choice He knew she would leave him if he hadn’t

Standing there on the covered bridge, Benji watched as Rachel began to shake her head in disbelief She looked him up and down as if he were some sort of alien

“Va Tell me the truth”

Benji didn’t kno to respond He could tell her it was a lie andless scary and ht for a moment but knew he had to stick to the truth

“I a you the truth I’m a vampire I haven’t been co, but I want to ,” Benji said, looking at her, trying to read her changing expressions

Rachel took another step backwards and said, “No! This can’t be Vampires don’t exist”

Benji could see her body begin to shake as she moved even further away frooing to be OK, but he couldn’t get close to her

“Please hearbits of their relationship “I was born 3,000 years ago I live in a castle, but have to flee when danger nears,” Benji said, trying to help Rachel make sense of it all

“Stop saying these things You aren’ther hands in the air

“I told you I lived with my parents in a house near AHS, but I don’t I don’t have parents and I don’t live in a house I live at Lyndvia Castle,” Benji said

“This is crazy I feel like I know nothing about you I can’t do this,” Rachel said as she turned away

“Wait, let me finish I won’t hurt you, I promise I don’t feed on humans”