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“Stop! Don’t coan to walk quickly away froe

Benji stood there, and watched Rachel leave him behind

“Stop, don’t go! I promise I can explain it all,” he yelled after her

He started running towards her, which made Rachel run even faster “You swore you wouldn’t tell!” Benji screamed

Benji stopped running, realizing it was useless to follow her He knew she was scared and didn’t want to be with him anymore

He ca the side of a dirt road and sat down He replayed what had just happened over in his head, but still couldn’t believe it

Did he really just tell his secret?

Part of hiret He wondered if he had just est mistake of his life

Chapter Two

Rachel peered over her shoulder as she ran down her block, checking to see if Benji was still following She was scared and out of breath She had never run so fast, or as far, as she’d run tonight

As Rachel neared her house she saw the flashing blue-and-red lights of a police car in her driveway When she looked closer, she saw her parents standing at her front door with the police Now Rachel was even more worried and scared Why were the police at her house?

Rachel stopped and watched as her parents stood there, gesturing to the police officers She couldn’t , but they didn’t look happy She stood there watching, as she caught her breath She coan to walk towards the house

As she neared the front lawn, the ht lit up her face She stood there like a deer in headlights as the police officers and her parents turned their heads and stared right at her

“Is this her?” one of the policemen asked

“Yes, this is Rachel,” her dad said

Rachel’s heart began to beat faster, and all she could think about was turning and running in the other direction She didn’t want to deal with this situation, whatever it would bring She couldn’t understand what the police could possibly ith her

Rachel continued walking towards the front stoop, as the two police officers stared her down

“Rachel Wood?” the police officer asked, as he looked down at his papers

“Yes,” Rachel said

“Do you know anything about a Robert Greene?”

The two police officers stood there and waited for her to respond

“Uoes to my school”

“Yes, he does go to your school We know that We want to knohat you know about the fight tonight Witnesses said you were in the middle of it”

Rachel didn’t knohat to do She didn’t kno to answer She was in thethat she had found out tonight She was just beginning to process it all