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Tallgrass shook his head "Gone with the wind El Finado Still, a demon kno to vanish when it’s outspelled But he’ll have a far harder ti another arled to his feet with my aid My pat-down of his torso found no obvious wounds A miracle "I want one evil demon eradicated froo," Tallgrass said, touching his shoulder

Quicksilver was lapping at Ric’s slack hands, lookingtongue would erase Ric’s physical wounds fro theon such unhuman power, I didn’t know

Chapter Thirty-four

THE JEEP BOUNCED our weary bones back to Juarez and the Flaht

I drove while Tallgrass updated me on ould happen next Ric layin the back with Quicksilver

The government commanders and their troops would be fully occupied for a couple days, rounding up the quick and the dead fro

Fringe support people like Ric and Tallgrass were free to leave, the earth-shaking stand they’d taken against an underesti lord named Torbellino merely freakish weather effects to the official armed forces from both sides of the border

Quicksilver and I had never been spotted

Apparently the military ainst--Millennium Revelation influences, just like Ric’s foster father, the retired rass said when I mentioned that "Official forces have to obey orders at once, without hesitation The brass doesn’t want unhu them from their mission"

"So the destroyed zohters their flamethrowers and handheld missiles really bent out of shape," he answered with a chuckle

At the motel, he hauled Ric into our roo on the floor without coht, Quicksilver followed him to the door and then sat on the floor and ood, Miss Delilah," Tallgrass toldthe door behind him

IN THE MORNING I drove the Jeep across the international bridge

Tallgrass insisted Ric and I cover our clothes with carass produced got our party through the border stations with only a cursory inspection of the vehicle

Quicksilver following every htly open jaws speeded up the routine considerably As for the duffel bags harboring any suspect iteuys’ weapons were buried deep in the desert with the felad that I didn’t have to produce a passport Even if I’d taken Ashley Martinez’s passport, its theft had surely been reported by now

When we got to the El Paso garage where I’d parked Dolly, Ric and I stripped off the camos to our street clothes Quicksilver jumped out to inspect Dolly’s chassis fronia on the trunk

"This where I say adios," Tallgrass told ht to Wichita You good for the long drive, aain," I was quick to point out

"I know, Del," Ric said with a flash of returning huuy feel redundant, why don’t you?"

I stepped close to rub my thumb under his lower lip and feel the rasp of that sexy three-day suy"

Tallgrass cleared his throat

"Ric, therepresence of El De any confrontation just makes his type of supernatural more vicious if he shifted into another for forearrass tipped his straw Western hat totake care of you, Miss Delilah, and you’ll never go wrong"

"I take care of him"

"You think"

He turned and left us beside Dolly We listened until the echo of his cowboy-booted amble faded entirely Quicksilver whi at Ric

"Yes,as I drive last"

FUNNY, IT DIDN’T work out that way I guess raising a killing field of zoh before and after in that sleeping bag

I never thought seeing the neon fireworks of the Vegas Strip quivering like the aurora borealis on the night horizon wouldhome

From a distance, the place didn’t look infested by olves, vauls

"Okay if I drop you off at home?" I asked Ric, as stretched out in the roo Quicksilver did likewise on the rear seat

I felt good about handling the last leg of the trip whileleft behind like a girl had evaporated

"Makes sense," Ric "

Another bad taste inabout it That would be in, but it could wait

Meanwhile, Ric was reviving nicely He pushed hi pain froic bullets?"